Lac Baleine

A privately owned and run carp fishery set in the Champagne region of France.

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23 acre lake set in 40 acres of land, a back to basics carp water with fish between low 20’s to a lake record mirror of 74lb.

Welcome to Carpe-France. The lake, which was excavated over 25 years ago, is set in 40 acres of mature tree-lined land. It is fully fenced and has a gated entrance. Although close to the towns mentioned, the lake retains a secluded atmosphere, 23 spacious swims, designed to complement the delicate balance of nature, provide a relaxing and comfortable fishing environment.

A maximum of 14 anglers ensures freedom to move around if you so desire. The lake is well suited to English fishing tackle and methods. No poison Chat, Crayfish or Bream. Sensible use of bait boats and rowing boats is permitted.

Facilities include, English bailiff, anglers social cabin, shower & toilet on both sides of the lake, full vehicle access and parking behind swims.

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Fishery Rules

Lac Baleine

  • All anglers must vacate the lake by 9.30am and new anglers will not be allowed on the lake until 1.00pm.
  • Vehicles are allowed around the lake and can be parked adjacent to the swim. Please do not use vehicles unnecessarily once you are set up. Park vehicles off the grass during wet weather conditions. In very wet conditions fishing will only be allowed from swims 1 to 11. – We are not responsible for extracting you from the mud if you get stuck
  • Shower, toilets are free for the anglers to use, use them! Please ensure these facilities are left clean after using them. Report any damage or faults to the bailiff immediately.
  • Please provide your own large unhooking mat, landing net (42″minimum), large flotation weigh sling and carp care kit. No fish sacking.
  • There are no bait bans, however all particles must be properly prepared and all bait must be used in sensible quantities.
  • Boats and bait boats are permitted as long as used sensibly. Boats can be used for baiting up and landing fish only. Rods must be fished 100 metres max range and perpendicular (90 degree) to the bank. Please be considerate of other anglers!
  • A maximum of 3 rods per angler, which must not be left unattended. Rods must be fished up to100 metres max range and perpendicular (90 degree) to the bank. No braided line, braided leaders or lead core. Minimum line – 15lb breaking strain – safe rigs only.
  • Fishing is permitted from marked swims only, bivvies must be erected on the gravel areas only. ‘Buddy’ bivvies between swims are not allowed.
  • Weekly maintenance of grass, trees and swims will be carried out to ensure the good upkeep of the lake.
  • No swimming – No fires – No defecating around the lake. Drunkenness, antisocial, threatening behaviour etc. will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to cease fishing and leave the lake.
  • Rubbish, all your rubbish must be taken with you when you leave the lake, to ensure this happens we will take 20 euro deposit which will be returned as you leave, assuming there is no rubbish or human waste left in or near your swim.
  • By booking you are deemed to have accepted the these rules, if in doubt please ask.
  • Dogs are not permitted.
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Lac Baleine

From £175.00 per angler per week.

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